you’re a passionate, creative entrepreneur who’s full of hustle and heart.

You’ve got something epic to share but there is one thing holding you back from KILLING it like a BOSS?

Your brand + website is outdated, uninspired, boring and certainly not a reflection of you are… you’re not
boring, right?

Or maybe you’re just be starting out, overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details and that’s ok too.

I start out by diving deep into your business and understanding its soul… that sounds a bit creepier than I intend it to, but honestly, I want to know what drove you to create your business and why are you doing this? By connecting the dots between your core values and goals, I create a brand identity and a high-converting ecommerce website that resonates with customers and earns their trust, it reveals a little piece of you and puts your products into the spotlight – where they belong.

As your new brand co-creator and biz bestie, I bring: open ears, innovative design, artful strategy, attention to detail and versatile expertise.

Together we create an easy-to-navigate website where your customers feel like they are skipping through a magical theme park, adding products to their shopping basket as they go.

I create colourful connections and weave artistic intention into every pixel, styling your story so it rings truer than Snow White (minus the cute forest-creature crew)

I’m here to empower you with my knowledge of what works and why, so the right customers start finding you, talking about you and throwing their hard-earned dolla dolla bills at you.

Come pull up a chair next to me… We are going to knock down what’s holding you back from epic success.

we’re about to craft something amazing together.

we are both totally passionate about our business.

I’m Jen – a proud supporter of mom buns, sweatpants, extra shot lattes and tantrum diffuser to a sweet 1.5 yr old boy. I am also the Boss Lady behind So Now What Studio. I’m a brand designer, Shopify expert and your empowerment guru.

I live for empowering other female entrepreneurs and helping them kill it with their business by designing kick-ass brands and freaking profitable websites that showcase their passion, values and products.

While ecommerce design is my jam, I am also passionate about teaching biz savvy babes how to create their own bad-ass business by dishing out tricks, tips and bucket loads of strategy.

My obsession with making pretty stuff has always been what keeps me going (and of course big cups of coffee too!). Having been born with a creative spirit, my hands have never been idle. My obsessions range from graphic design, painting, printmaking, embroidery, photography and even building my own furniture. I created my first website in 1997… back in the day of dial up internet and MS-Dos! Since then, I always had a website or two in the works, helping friends and teaching myself code for fun… it was just another way of making pretty things.

Before I committed my heart to So Now What, I co-founded, branded, built and successfully launched my first e-commerce website, Mei Li Paperie, which is still one of my side hustles. This was the catalyst that sent me head first into the world of branding and ecommerce, I began working with my friends and friends of friends, to brand and launch their business ideas.

I believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when they discover a true passion within themselves to do something bigger than they ever thought possible.

For me, unearthing this passion came from working with some pretty incredible ladies over the years. Coming to me completely overwhelmed and needing guidance, I am so proud helping them grow from newbiepreneurs to running soul-fulfilling and freaking profitable business #likeaboss. It created a fire in me to help women prove to the world how bad-ass us lady bosses can be, and thus So Now What Studio was born.

Behind the scenes: Originally from Canada, I’ve transplanted myself a couple times but I call Hong Kong home. I live with my Aussie husband, Luke, our wild spirited son Arlo and our neurotic mutt, Scoutie. When I am not doing my work thang you can find me, G&T in hand, dreaming about our next travel adventure or redesigning our house… again!



I thoughtfully craft online experiences that speak to the heart. That means your ideal customer will already be a raving fan before they even purchase what’s in their cart. They’ll already be convinced that your products are what they’ve been missing in their life.


Your brand is more than just some pretty colours. We want your visitors to see the passion behind brand, the intention behind the products. Every accent, stroke and hue of your business needs to pop with purpose, reflect your brilliance and share your story. Because when you have a clear brand story, fans follow!


A true reflection of your business values and vision through a cohesive online identity, gives your business a story that is memorable & shared by your customers.


I focus on whats important to you and your customers and how this overlap can spark connections and bring in the dolla dolla bills. But more than that even, we’re in this together – you will have me with you every step of the way, holding your hand through soul-searching, tech bugs and the goal-digging. I love lending my ears and expertise.


we’re here to help! ask us how we can get you looking and feeling your best online.

I had never created a website before so was clueless. Once I set up a Shopify account and got started, I found I wasn’t able to achieve the look and layout for my website that I had envisaged. I was concerned that I wasn’t going to find someone who could give the support and patience a newbie requires. Well, Jen completely surprised me with her expertise and knowledge! She is very responsive and attentive to your needs. She knows her stuff and is always giving lots of suggestions and options thereby letting you make the final decision. Very patient and a thorough professional.
Jinal PatelParty Makers HK
The best thing about working with Jen is that she listens. She is so much more creative and imaginative than we are. So even though we had an idea of what we wanted, she took it so much further than we had imagined and made it brilliant! She is an artist.
Siobhán ThomasMerik Pepper
Jen is great at what she does and has an amazing eye for what looks good. She is great with Shopify and achieving the desired results for an ecommerce website. We now have a better, more sophisticated website that is more suitable for our target audience.
Victoria ChuardPetit Tippi