a creative commerce studio for passionate entrepreneurs full of hustle & heart.

custom branding that tells your story + expertly crafted Shopify websites.

So Now What is the creative commerce studio for creative entrepreneurs and boutique brands.

You’ve got something epic to share but there is one thing holding you back from KILLING it like a BOSS…

A brand + website that is outdated, uninspired, boring and least of all not a reflection of who you really are. You’re not boring, right?

Or maybe you’re just starting out, overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details and that’s ok too.

Hey, I’m Jen – Boss Lady behind So Now What Studio. I start out by diving deep into your business and understanding its soul… that sounds a bit creepier than I intend it to, but honestly, I want to know what drove you to create your business and why are you doing this. By connecting the dots between your core values and goals, I create a brand identity and a high- converting ecommerce website that resonates with customers and captures their trust. It reveals a little piece of you and puts your products into the spotlight – where they belong.

As your new brand co-creator and biz bestie, I bring open ears, innovative design, artful strategy and attention to detail. Together we create an easy-to-navigate website where your customers feel like they are skipping through a magical theme park, adding products to their shopping basket as they go.

I create colourful connections and weave artistic intention into every pixel, styling your story so it rings true. 

I’m here to empower you with my knowledge of what works and why, so the right customers can find you, talk about you and throw their hard-earned dolla dolla bills at you!

Come pull up a chair next to me… We are going to knock down what’s holding you back from epic success.

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